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« : 18 Styczeń 2021, 07:59:45 »

As for"stealing", an individual can argue that Activision stole Classic from the old Blizzard devs:D Devs who cared...

As noticed from the wow classic gold most upvoted comment, you don't even have to level your character to be able to harvest maximum level source nodes due to a exploit or other, so the cost and time to get back up and running is minimal, and the total amount Blizzard earns from these accounts is also minimal.

Thinking and submitting otherwise is harmful to every actual player who just needs the game to be not ed up. Be real with folks, let them know up front what type of company blizzard is. No need to lie and pretend they will fix any major issues.

That might mean blizzard would need to get an employee thats not only a developer and we can not have this.

Why would Blizzard spend money to hire employees to stop botters which are selling gold that Blizzard is earning money from?If the community wants botting to finish it needs to crack down on people who profit from botting - that the people buying gold.

These are simply a couple of the Buy classic wow gold things which is going to have to be implemented to curb this matter. Until they handle it from these aspects, it ai not goin anywhere.It sucks that GDKPs are so mad for pugs. I am not broke, but I think its ridiculous that people pay 5-10k for things in a raid.

I wish blizzard had paced the content more slowly.
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