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Hello all

I have a specific camera use requirement that doesn't seem to be anticipated by reviewers, so I thought I'd put this one out there and see what people might suggest.

I use my camera for taking photos of files in archives and libraries: dim room lighting; not permitted to use a flash (also not allowed any other extra lighting); not allowed to use a camera stand; oh, and the file has to stay flat on the table so the camera will be pointing downwards when taking the photo (the document is about 30cm/12 inches from the camera). On a good day, I might take 2000 photos so the camera will be working hard.

So the ideal camera is: (1) reasonably light and can be held comfortably in one hand (right hand); (2) has good low light performance; (3) has good close up performance; and (4) has an articulating LCD screen (preferably, although another option is a flip LCD - but not one that only flips upwards, as it has to flip in the opposite direction to be of use when the camera is being pointed downwards). Battery life isn't such an issue as we can take a charger and rotate a couple of spare batteries through the day.

One thing I have found is that the camera needs a reasonable sensor (not the small ones of the standard point and shoot). The images don't have to be perfect, but the text on the documents has to be readable.

I was just looking at a Canon G5X that seems to have all the physical requirements - but I'm not sure what its low light and close up performance is like.

Suggestions, anybody? And thanks in advance!!

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