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Autor Wątek: Which good quality, but simple to use camera?  (Przeczytany 198 razy)
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In the 70s I bought a Pentax ME Super, a pancake lens (which made it pocketable) and a small zoom lens. As many of you know, it had Shutter or aperture priority, then I had to adjust the setting to suit a moving light up and down the scale inside the viewfinder, that's all. I had the most fun possible with this camera, from time-lapse to travel.

I progressed to 1/2 plate camera/enlarger and could process B/W and colour, again I had the best times.

Digital improved and I sold most of my stuff and bought a Canon 600D(Rebel T3i) with a glass 100mm macro and a zoom lens. Nice photos but no fun for me as it's miles to complicated. I've spent my life in technical stuff and now I limit my technical thinking to electronics and processors, so the camera should be much simpler for me.

Can anyone suggest a good quality camera please, not top of the range, and with hardly any brains and buttons, with only perhaps an internal light meter. I think I am still able to focus it myself and set the controls from memories of the 'Ansel Adams' system.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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