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'Madden 21 coins' ratings: Davante Adams joins Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey as members of'99 Club'

A brand new variant of Madden implies new players joining the exclusive 99 rating club. This season, at least four gamers will be awarded the honor.

EA Sports tweeted more than four players will be in the club this year, but have not yet confirmed who the others are.

It's thought to be a perfect rating in the game and is something just a handful of gamers achieve. Last year, four players had the rating. Being part of the club is much more than just bragging rights, since this year they were also given a black box with a"99" chain from EA Sports. Following is a breakdown of the year's"99 Club" members.

It's no shock that the player who was only granted the largest contract in sport and is the defending Super Bowl MVP received the perfect evaluation. Mahomes has a ninja-like capability on the area that makes him among the very best, if not the finest, quarterback in the game right now.

Mahomes' tight end Travis Kelce was the only to encircle the QB and surprise him with the information. Mahomes said concerning the evaluation,"To have the ability to buy Mut 21 coins receive that 99 rating... it is a truly special moment."
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